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Our passion: fresh fruit and vegetables.

Frutania has been a professional link between producers of fruit and vegetables and food retailers for more than 20 years. We deal in high quality products all year round. We ensure the consistently high quality of our products through close cooperation with our growing partner companies. We select these according to strict criteria. We are characterized by continuous quality checks that extend into the cultivation process. Frutania offers a wide range of services, from cultivation planning to retail marketing.

Managing directors of Frutania are (from left to right) Andre Moog, Holger Hoge and managing owner Markus Schneider.

Owner-managed, passionate and innovative.

Markus Schneider, founder and managing director of Frutania, deals day after day with valuable food and beverages from nature: with fresh fruit and vegetables. For him, “incoming and outgoing goods are also a feast for the eyes and the palate.” Eye level with his team, producers and trade partners are among his company maxims. Equally formative is his innovative spirit. With the most modern technologies and cultivation methods, his company ensures quality, reliability and profitability.

Markus Schneider

Markus Schneider

Regional & worldwide: partnership.

We critically select our production and supply partners according to a wide range of quality characteristics. Certification according to international quality standards in production, packaging and transport are basic requirements for cooperation with producers and suppliers. All goods traded by us must also undergo strict quality controls. In this way, we ensure a high quality level of our products at any time of the year.

Essential are the controllable cultivation in our partner farms, the consistently high product quality and the traceability of the origin of all products traded by us. The desire of our modern growers to innovatively participate in far-sighted, sustainable solutions for the fruit and vegetable industry characterizes our successful collaboration.

Regular supplier audits and producer seminars also enable a personal and intensive exchange with our partner companies. All the above-mentioned building blocks are part of the basis of our efficient production and marketing system.

Photo: Friederike Greve with her father Stefan Schneider.

Quality: Promised.

The seal “Picked in Germany”, developed and protected by us, underlines the domestic and regional origin of our products in the German season. The design of the quality seal symbolizes the careful handwork with which Frutania products are picked and treated.

Achieving more together.

Frutania trades with organized food retailers (LEH) and specialized wholesalers throughout Europe. With the Frutania main products we are a concept supplier for our customers. For major retail customers, for example, we plan, organize and manage the entire supply process for strawberries and soft fruit over the course of an entire season.

Fruits and vegetables are sensitive natural products. Day after day, we do everything we can to ensure the maximum quality and product safety typical of Frutania, we rely on trusting, fair and respectful cooperation and comprehensive quality management.

We see the key to success in consistent quality management and trusting, respectful cooperation. Clear communication and great transparency for suppliers, employees and customers are important values in our long-term, trusting business relationships. Thus, in our young, modern company, we adhere to time-honored values: with a clear view to an innovative and sustainable future. This is reflected in our daily actions and our sustainability concepts.

Service around fruit & vegetables:

  • Conceptual selling of the goods after consultation with our trade partners
  • Passing on and checking the specifications of our trading partners to the producers
  • Ensuring transparency in production and distribution
  • Guarantee of consistent supply of goods in quantity and quality
  • Flexible procurement of goods, regionally, nationally and internationally
  • Bundling of goods for large volumes
  • Packing according to trade specifications
  • Distribution of goods throughout Europe
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