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Social commitment of Frutania

We consider it a privilege to be surrounded by fruit and vegetables every day. Therefore, since the company was founded, it has been a matter of course to also support those who need help for social or health reasons. Social commitment is a personal matter of the heart for us. Therefore, we maintain direct contact with initiatives and organizations. On this page we inform you about some initiatives supported by Frutania:

Collège Sainte Therèse

As we have done since the company was founded, we support the Sainte Thérèse School in Haiti, a project that came about through our former tax consultant, who is a native Haitian. The 7.2 magnitude earthquake in August 2021 unfortunately hit the village of Jérémie particularly hard. However, as reported, the school has proven to be a stable building and refuge for many desperate families. Last year, we helped financially support the introduction of an additional 9th grade there. We were told very proudly how successfully the first state exams could be held this year and that all students had passed – despite all the adverse circumstances as a result of the earthquake. There is still no question of a “normal everyday life”. We think it is extremely important to support an established project like this in the long term.

Project Sibling Camps

With our donation to Bunter Kreis Rheinland, we support the financing of the sibling camps “Tatendrang”. We know some of the participating children by now, as they have already been with us on the Frutania tour, then participated in pumpkin carving or pony rides in a subsequent year. To give the siblings in families with seriously ill children beautiful, relaxing moments during the vacations, we find a very enriching project. It is quite valuable at this time, fortunately, the camps could take place.

Samos sleeping bags

A very good personal contact has existed for years with the association “Refugees Foundation” based in Cologne. The association regularly travels to Greece and provides people in refugee camps with relief supplies. Our logistics were able to provide active support for an aid transport to Samos. “Just in time”, before Greece went into lockdown, the relief supplies arrived on Samos. Here are a few photos of the packing of the relief supplies, combined with a thank you to Frutania- Logistik for their commitment.

Flood relief: donations of fruit, materials and goods

In flood relief for the Ahr Valley, we continue to cooperate with Carl, whose work with his association “helpundfun” continues to impress us greatly. The association supports sponsorships for individuals or families in the Ahr Valley, in each individual situation and accompanies as a sponsor in all matters and problems that arise. In the summer, they have entertained sporadic donations of fruit for actions and festivals, from which it was possible to bake strawberry pies together and support senior citizens. Our Christmas tree campaign, which was held for the first time this year, spontaneously raised an additional sum of 1,200€. A big thank you to all who spontaneously participated. (Photo Engin mulled wine) (Photo strawberry cake)

Support for the Bonner Tafel

Another project that is very close to our hearts is the support of Bonner Tafel e.V., with which we have a personal contact. The situation of recent years and the prospects of massive worsening this winter has regrettably contributed greatly to the increase in child poverty in particular, and the influx of people to the food banks has increased rapidly.

Sponsorship for the Magic Plate Fruit of the KiTa Konfetti

The KiTa Konfetti is a kindergarten from Meckenheim, which approached us because the pedagogical team wanted to apply for a program on the topic of nutrition to teach the children of the KiTa about healthy eating. Unfortunately, the KiTa does not have fruit. Since we found the commitment of the educators to this topic extremely impressive, we entered into a permanent sponsorship for this KiTa. We are very happy to welcome this kindergarten since 6.12. weekly with a donation of fruit for the “Magic Plate of Fruit”!”

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