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The Frutania producers and suppliers

The selection of our partners in the field of production and delivery is based on different quality criteria and qualifications. In addition to location, performance, certifications and the technical standard, there are a number of other requirements that partner companies must meet.
In this way, we guarantee a high quality level of our products for the entire duration of a season.
Other important prerequisites for the selection of our partner farms are controllable cultivation, consistent product quality of the goods, traceability of the origin of the products and the openness of the farms to innovative future solutions in the fruit and vegetable sector.
We expect international quality assurance systems in production, packaging and transport as standard when selecting our producers and suppliers.

Our producers in Germany

Mirabelle plums
Asparagus green
Asparagus white


Outside the German season, we source goods from all over the world in order to be able to supply the food retail trade with high-quality goods. When selecting our non-European partner companies, we pay just as much attention as we do to our European producers to certifications, best qualities, exact traceability, social standards and pass on the requirements of our customers to the producers.

At home in Europe

Frutania’s workplace is mainly located in Europe. Whether Spain, Benelux or Poland – Frutania relies in all countries on certified, long-standing partners who have already distinguished themselves in a cooperation and who produce and harvest our fruit & vegetables according to the requirements and needs of the customer. Frutania always remains your first contact in all matters of production, control and delivery. From cultivation to harvest, quality management, packaging and transport: we take care of it!

Best quality from Morocco

Our strong partner AZURA produces the best tomatoes with the most modern cultivation methods. The high level of the entire tomato production guarantees a consistent level of quality. Outside the German season, fruits are also grown for Frutania in Morocco. Here too, our producers harvest raspberries, blueberries and strawberries at the highest level of quality.

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