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Quality assurance in production

Quality assurance already begins with the production of the fruit on the farms. The basis is the certification according to national and international standards, which are above the legal requirements. For example, the use of pesticides, personnel and operational hygiene, traceability of the fruit and compliance with social standards are audited by external companies.

Despite the successful certification of producers, Frutania quality assurance is present on their production farms. For example, before delivery to the customer, samples of the fruit are taken and tested in external laboratories for residues of pesticides and disinfectants as well as microbial pathogens. This is used to cross-check the requirements of the certification.

In addition, very close attention is paid to product quality. Already during harvesting, it is seen that only good-looking, durable and tasty fruits are placed in the bowl. This requires intensive training and monitoring of employees. To promote shelf life, the next step is to chill the fruit down and check that the weight is maintained. From this point until the goods are received by the customer, the fruits are permanently cooled.

Quality in the control of goods

After harvesting and preparation on Frutania production farms, the fruits are delivered to Frutania. There, in the incoming goods inspection by the quality assurance Frutania, a random sample of each delivery is examined for compliance with the legal marketing standards for quality. Only after this has been successfully passed may the fruit be delivered to the customer. When defects are detected, defective fruit is sorted out with clean hands in our own packing station, so that only flawless goods leave our premises.

In order to provide our customers with the freshest and most regional goods possible, we sometimes deliver the goods directly from the producer to the customer, without making a stopover or detour via our warehouse.

Annual certifications and customer audits also take place at Frutania. In these, the food law standards of the EU and requirements of food retailers that go beyond them are cross-checked. A high value is placed on personnel and operational hygiene, product safety and product traceability.

Safety nets

Quality-enhancing measures are implemented in production at the cultivation site. This includes, first of all, covering with a rain cover. This protects the fruit from rain, thus preventing the development of mold on the fruit and thereby reducing the use of pesticides. In addition, it is possible to offer regional fruits from Germany earlier and longer in the year, because the climate under the rain shelter is good for the plants.

In high sunlight, the “rain shield” also acts as a protection against sunburn due to the lower UV radiation on the fruit.

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