You love fresh fruits and vegetables?

… then we should get to know each other.

We, Frutania GmbH, see ourselves as a professional link between the producers of fruit and vegetables and the food retail trade. We deal in high quality products. With the producers and partner companies selected by us according to strict selection criteria and constantly controlled, we guarantee a high, consistent quality of our products. Frutania sees itself as a partner of the production companies and accompanies the products from the cultivation planning to the marketing.

Our mission

Frutania provides one of the most valuable food and beverage from nature, fresh fruits and vegetables – a feast for the eyes and palate. On an equal footing with our employees, producers and trading partners, we use the latest technologies, cultivation methods and innovative spirit to ensure the best product quality with origin and passion. Day after day, Frutania delights growers, food retailers, shoppers and consumers with taste and expertise from root to shelf. For a world that tastes good to everyone.

Frutania brand stands for quality

In addition, we develop individual brands that are tailored to your company. We are clearly oriented to their needs to the target group, qualities and quantities of the products to be distributed, the image of your company.

Frutania is private label capable and develops “private labels” on behalf of customers.

We offer you

  • Conceptual selling of the goods after consultation with our trade partners
  • Passing on and checking the specifications of our trading partners to the producers
  • Ensuring transparency in production and distribution
  • Guarantee of consistent supply of goods in quantity and quality
  • Flexible procurement of goods, both nationally and regionally
  • Bundling of goods for large volumes
  • Packing according to trade specifications
  • Distribution of goods throughout Europe

Our customers – achieving more together

Frutania serves both organized food retailers (LEH) and specialized wholesalers throughout Europe. For our customers, we are the concept supplier with our main products. For major retail customers, for example, we plan, organize and manage the entire supply process for strawberries and soft fruit over the course of an entire season.

In order to meet our claim of guaranteeing the customer maximum quality and product safety, we rely on trusting, fair and respectful cooperation and comprehensive quality management.

Whether with our customers, producers or suppliers – we always strive for transparency in everything we do and see clear communication as the guarantor for long-term and trusting business relationships. Respect for people and nature is reflected in our sustainability concepts. In our fast-moving world, characterized by constant innovations, we hold on to tried and tested values in our young, modern company, without losing our innovative view of the future.

Our producers – a trusting relationship

We critically select our production and supply partners according to a wide range of quality characteristics. Certification according to international quality standards in production, packaging and transport are basic requirements for cooperation with producers and suppliers. All goods traded by us must also undergo strict quality controls. In this way, we achieve a high level of quality and safety of our products at any time of the year.

Other important prerequisites for the selection of our partner farms are controllable cultivation, consistently high product quality and traceability of the origin of all products traded by us. We also see the efforts of our modern partner companies to participate innovatively in far-sighted, sustainable solutions for the fruit and vegetable sector as a basis for successful cooperation.

With additional regular supplier audits and producer seminars, we are in constant exchange with our partners. All the above-mentioned building blocks are part of the basis of our efficient production and marketing system.

Quality begins in the field

The production and delivery of fresh, safe and high quality products to our customers is our top priority.

Frutania controls its products from cultivation and harvest to delivery to the customer. We work directly and continuously with our own producers and selected partner suppliers.

In our production we specify varieties, quality characteristics and plant protection to meet the high demands of the consumer for product quality and safety.

Qualität verlässt unseren Standort

Das QM-System der Frutania erfüllt die Anforderungen des International Featured Standard (IFS C&C, IFS Logistik, IFS Broker) und Qualität & Sicherheit (QS).

Unsere Produzenten sind deutschlandweit nach QS-GAP zertifiziert. Unser Mindeststandard für ausländische Produzenten ist GlobalGAP.

Stetig führen wir die Aspekte Sortenprüfung, Minimierung von Pflanzenschutzmitteln, den nachhaltigen Anbau und Sozialstandards in der Produktion weiter fort. Dabei arbeiten wir eng mit staatlichen Beratungsstellen, Zertifizierungstellen und der Privatwirtschaft zusammen.

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