Pick a piece of happiness

Our strawberries

Our strawberries are sweet, shiny, aromatically fragrant, bright red and plump with red flesh – a true happiness!

Stefan Schneider, one of our growers for strawberries:

“Happiness for me means when the weather has cooperated and you can see how the work bears fruit. After a long dry spell, it’s a nice feeling for me to be able to work in the rain.”

Schneider’s fruit farm is operated in the 3rd generation. The farm has evolved from traditional agriculture, livestock and apple growing into a pure fruit farm.

The farm is located in the Drachenfelser Ländchen, which is situated between the Rhine and the Eifeland and forms the easternmost part of the “Naturpark Rheinland”. The conditions are ideal for fruit growing, as valuable biotopes with a high biodiversity, good soils and mild climate have formed in the former quarries.

It is produced according to the principle of controlled integrated cultivation, thus using beneficial insects to avoid the use of pesticides.

Outdoor strawberries

Young strawberry plantlets are planted in the ground in July or August. Outdoor strawberries can be “delayed” with the help of straw inserts that keep cool. Thus, the plants remain longer in their hibernation, begin to grow later and harvesting into the fall is possible.

Protected cultivation

In the foil tunnels strawberry plants are not only protected from the wind and weather, but due to the stored heat begin to grow and ripen earlier.


From flowering to ripe fruit, a strawberry takes about four to five weeks. Harvesting begins in mid to late April. Depending on the weather, new strawberries ripen about every two to three days and then picked by hand.


The new method of cultivation on so-called Stellagen has the advantage that the strawberry plants are less susceptible to pests from the soil, as they grow and thrive independently of the soil. Through an adapted water and fertilizer dosage, the positional cultivation enables the reduced use of the resource water and energy.

Our varieties

Frutania strawberries

Our strongest product is premium German strawberries, which we can offer seasonally in exceptionally high quantities.

The cooperation of many production companies with Frutania, which has grown over the years, has resulted in a close-knit network of producers throughout Germany, which can supply the trade with fresh berry fruit from regional production companies in the shortest possible time.

With the Frutania partner farms located throughout Germany, we can additionally compensate for the different, natural growing seasons of the German regions and supply the trade with a continuous and high berry quality.

Various cultivation methods of our European producers allow us to deliver strawberries with rich taste from the beginning of April to the end of December.

Consumer tips


The strawberry should be plump, shiny and deep red. In order for it to taste sweet and aromatic, it must be picked well ripened, as it does not ripen afterwards. A good indication of the correct ripeness is the sepal: if it can be easily detached, the strawberry is fully ripe.


Strawberries are delicate and should be consumed one or two days after purchase. Strawberries can be well preserved, in the form of jam and sauces or as dried fruit. Even when freezing the pulp, the flavor is preserved.


There is nothing that you can not conjure up from strawberries: Fruit salads, ice cream, cake topping, cottage cheese dishes, fruit sauces, jams, jellies, smoothies, fruit wine, liqueur and much more. The list of sweet delights with strawberries is endless.

However, strawberries also refine savory dishes. The sweetness harmonizes perfectly with hot spices such as chili or pepper and the combination with a good air-dried ham or spicy cheese can taste very delightful.