Pick a piece of happiness

Our asparagus

Our asparagus is bright white or juicy green, highly aromatic, nutty, crunchy and typically spicy – a true happiness!

Johann Appel, one of our growers for asparagus:

“There are many different kinds of happiness. Privately, it is undoubtedly family. From an operational point of view, happiness for me is being able to do a job in which you can realize yourself and make a difference. For me, this means creating a product of the highest pleasure and quality, where I can be sure to give the customer a little moment of happiness.”

Johann Appel’s asparagus and strawberry farm is located in Sallach near Rain am Lech. Asparagus has been grown here since 1999, before that it was vegetables.
“Our asparagus tastes more intense – perhaps because there are more nutrients in the soil than in the sandy soil,” Johannes Appel says about growing the delicious spears.

Cultivation methods

Asparagus plants are grown in pots and remain in the greenhouse until they reach a size of about 15 cm, then they go into the open field.

In the first year, the young plants are still too weak and can therefore not yet be stung. Next year, with the help of asparagus ridgers, earth dams will be built over the plants.

Foil tunnel

The foil tunnels have an effect like a mini-greenhouse and even with minimal sunlight, the air and soil temperature warms up. The warming of the soil allows harvesting as early as the beginning of March.


Harvesting begins when the first asparagus tips peek out from earthen dams. Each rod is individually pricked by hand.


Our varieties

Asparagus from Frutania

When asparagus begins to sprout, spring begins for Frutania.

Asparagus from Frutania from German and Polish cultivation is available from: Beginning of April – end of June

Through our network of asparagus growers throughout Germany and in the west of Poland, we can offer you fresh asparagus in the best qualities and large volumes over the period of the entire asparagus season in the shortest possible way.

Efficient logistics also ensure that the asparagus reaches the end consumer quickly, directly and fresh.

Consumer tips


Asparagus should be purchased when it has closed heads, uniform growth and still has a moist, not hollow cut end. In addition, it is slightly shiny, plump, crisp and pleasantly fragrant.


Freshly stung, asparagus will keep for two to three days wrapped in a damp towel in the refrigerator, but should be eaten quickly. In an emergency, the asparagus can also be peeled or frozen already cooked, but this will reduce its flavor.


Asparagus is mostly boiled, less often steamed or fried. The white and purple stalks need to be peeled and shortened about a centimeter at the end. However, the remaining scraps are suitable for making stocks or as a soup base.

Asparagus is delicious cooked with hollandaise sauce and fine side dishes, as cream soup, salad, casserole, on quiche or with pasta.

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