Pick a piece of happiness

Our blueberries

Our blueberries are firm, plump little fruits, crunchy-crunchy, large, dark blue and deliciously sweet – a true happiness!

Benedikt Rixmann, one of our growers for blueberries:

“Blooming blueberry bushes, ripe sweet berries, singing harvesters! This is happiness of work for me!”

The fruit farm of family Rixmann is located in the district of Osnabrück, in the northern nature park Teutoburg Forest. It exists already since 1460 and in the third generation. Blueberries are grown here.

Cultivation methods

Young blueberry bushes are planted in the spring or fall and mainly in the open ground. Blueberry is a permanent crop – its plantations live more than 15 years.


The domestic blueberry season begins at the end of June and continues until the beginning of September.


Ripe blueberries are not so much sensitive as other soft fruits, but they are also picked by hand.

Maturity levels

Different varieties are planted for consistent yields. These ripen at different times, between late June and early September.

Our varieties

Aurora | Bluecrop | Duke | Elliot | Liberty | Ozark Blue

Blueberries – The pleasure in blue!

The delicious blueberries – or also called blueberries – from Frutania are becoming increasingly popular.

Frutania blueberries from German cultivation are available from: June – October

Consumer tips


Blueberry should be plump, dull and dark blue.


Blueberries are delicate and should be consumed one or two days after purchase. They are well preserved in the form of jam and sauces. When freezing, the aroma is preserved.


Fresh blueberries taste great plain, sugared or with whipped cream. They are loved in pancakes, pan cakes and muffins or as sweet fruit sauces and compotes. And as a superfood, they add a blue, health-promoting, delicious contribution to any smoothie.

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