Pick a piece of happiness

Our pumpkins

Our pumpkins are bright orange, have firm flesh, are nutty-sweet and highly aromatic – a true happiness!

Joachim Heinen, one of our growers for pumpkins:

“Happiness for me means picking my first plump pumpkins and being able to harvest early through my daughter Bianca’s trial work. The appreciation and trust of the customers pleases me very much. Along the way, seeing my son Oliver successfully continue the arable farm makes me proud and happy.”

The Rosenhof of family Heinen is located in Buschhoven, in Swisttal in the Rhineland and exists already in the third generation. Rhubarb, currants and pumpkins are grown here. The focus is on the pumpkins such as Hokkaido, Muscat and Butternut.

Cultivation methods

Pumpkins are mostly grown in the open ground. Since they need darkness and high temperatures for germination, the seeds are grown in the tunnel and then planted in the open ground. They can be covered with a fleece for earliness and ripen faster due to the higher temperatures, which can extend the season.


Pumpkins are fertilized by bees and insects. Separate water supply is not carried out for pumpkins. The pumpkin is an annual crop whose season lasts from mid-August to December. Due to optimal storage conditions, they can be kept until January.


The harvest of pumpkins is done by hand. The stalk is separated from the plant with a knife and then transported in large boxes to the farm, where they are washed, weighed and packed


Edible pumpkins: Hokkaido, spaghetti, nutmeg, bishop’s cap, microwave, butternut ornamental pumpkins: Halloween

Maturity levels

Due to the uneven ripening of the pumpkins, it is necessary to empty the fields by means of several harvesting operations.

Our varieties

Hokkaido | Nutmeg | Butternut | Spaghetti | Microwave squash

Pumpkins from the house Frutania

From August to December, Frutania Hokkaido pumpkins and other fine varieties such as nutmeg, butternut, spaghetti and the small microwave pumpkin are available.

Consumer tips


If tapping the skin of the pumpkin gently with a clenched fist produces a hollow sound, the pumpkin is ripe. In addition, a mature pumpkin can be identified by the slightly dried or woody stem base.


A whole pumpkin can be stored for up to 6 months in a dark, dry and cool place at 10 to 13 degrees. In a humid environment there is a risk of rotting. A pumpkin that has already been cut can be stored in the refrigerator, covered with oilcloth, for up to a week. Blanched or frozen, individual pieces can be used for about 4 months afterwards.

A good way to preserve pumpkin is canning. In a sweet and sour decoction of vinegar, sugar and spices, pumpkin keeps for several months and also acquires a wonderful aroma.


Today, pumpkin is part of the seasonal cuisine every fall with soups, stews and purees, not least because of the European Halloween hype. But it also tastes wonderful pickled sweet and sour, as chutney, casserole, lasagna, pizza, pumpkin bread or cake. There are virtually no limits to the creative preparation of pumpkin.

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